In the most simple terms I charge £30 per hour.

The packages and deposits listed on the services page represent the minimum amount of time that I expect to be working on your project, the amount requested is a non-refundable deposit to book my time for your project.

Consultation calls are free, so if you don't know exactly what your project will consist of, book a call in to discuss this with me before making a purchase.

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Projects are billed in stages.

For example a full design and build would be broken down as follows:

  • Design - you book this in through the site and pay £60, this is your deposit and covers the first 2 hours of work on your project,
  • Any reworks after the one included in your initial package are charged at £15 each,
  • Your build will then be estimated based on your design requirements, this can be broken into stages depending on your requirements
  • Your site will be delivered on receipt of your final payment.

Monthly packages are billed monthly on the 15th, all outstanding payments are due within 30 days of the invoice being raised.

Payments are accepted online through Stripe (credit and debit cards) and PayPal only.