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A rose by any other name

I cover most web builders out there, they’re all much of a muchness to me, some minor changes to how I can access the back end and restrictions to functionalities to allow them to hike the price for their users.

My ultimate preference is to build from scratch, a blank html page is a thing of beauty, the possibilities are endless!

But I get that not all clients want to or can afford to have a developer on retainer for their site, and this is where the builders come in handy. Allowing you the business owner to update as you need to, only calling in the professionals when something goes wrong or is beyond your knowledge.

This is where I think WordPress comes into its own.

A theme for all seasons, and the ability to have your very own developed for you! Plugins that cover absolutely every eventuality.

And depending on your needs it can cost as little as your URL!

When I am offering a WordPress site to a client it is generally because they have some complexity that they want a hand in, so eCommerce, bookings, new pages regularly created for a blog or more…

My package starts at £30 inc VAT a month, giving full hosting on a full flexible server with Railgun CDN to speed your site up, Jetpack backups, DDoS and malware protection, 2 business email addresses and unlimited SSD storage and MariaDB Databases. And the most important aspect of the package you get me, my time for an hour that month, uploading content, sorting out your SEO, bug fixing, however you need to use it!

So if you are sat there with a site that is costing you the earth and not bringing in an awful lot, get in touch, book in your site review and let’s get things moving in the right direction for you and your business!