garden with laptop to the forefront

Why a Website is like a Garden.

Most of my clients already have a website, something they have built themselves, or had built for them. They are all special in that they show me exactly how that client sees themselves, if not in their layout, then in their content. Flowing blog posts, beautiful images, and the all important branding stamp.

They come to me because something is going wrong, the top three issues to date are:

Not one of these faults is fatal, but it does stunt the sites use for you as the business owner, and this is where the website becomes the garden.

Tomorrow we are due a little sun, so it would make sense to spend a little time in the garden, mow the lawn, tend to the weeds, plant a few new flowers, and tackle my increasingly expansive strawberry patch. For the next few days it will look glorious, edges trimmed, weeds gone, ripe berries picked.

But what would happen if I leave it a month before I go back to it…

The same goes for your site. You have to keep going back to it! Your theme in 2020 may have been the ideal one for your brand and business, or maybe you picked it out of frustration? Today it looks dated and no longer stands out.

Does your theme or layout allow for the visitor to actually read and enjoy your content? Or have you fallen into the trap of pretty over practical? (We all do it my first site was all the deep purples and light coloured text – looked gorgeous gave you a serious headache to read!!)

You have added new content throughout the months and years, is it in the right place, does your site still flow well? Or are we in a rabbit warren of pages where finding an article once you’ve clicked away is nigh on impossible?

Is your site connected to the search engines, have you optimised the metadata – am I talking another language? Essentially your site traffic will be driven by content and backlinks and much much more, but if the search engines can’t see you then your efforts are in vain!

In the last month I have tackled a handful of these clients, their content was there, their branding was there, but they had stopped gardening, simply throwing new seeds over untilled soil. Fixing these sites is a joy, rarely taking huge amounts of time and usually coming in at less than £300 for that fresh start.

Once they are back at that beautiful clean and tidy space, stood back looking at the poppies swaying in the breeze again, I am here to do the maintenance work too, as little as an hour a month can make sure that they never get into the mess that they found themselves in before we met again!

Need a Gardener (sorry Web Developer) get in touch today!

(Oh and anyone wanting to take on some exceedingly virulent strawberry plants should get in touch too – I’m starting to think they’re plotting to take over the whole garden!)