stary night by Van Gogh with laptop to the forefront

Starry Starry Nights

Starry night is my all time favourite painting, it just screams to me in its ethereal beauty and the light halos are personal to my own specifically knackered eyesight. Thankfully my specs correct that but yeah I grew up thinking that all lights were meant to have halos!

When you are creating your business you start with an idea, that idea is all about something you do better than anyone else.

It took Van Gogh 12 months to finish this picture, 12 whole months of returning to the canvas to add more. Your product will be much the same, I've no doubt. I constantly rebuild and tweak my own sites, never quite happy that it is where I want it to be. Always learning something new to include.

You may make cakes, build furniture, provide VA services, etc. Your product whatever it may be will be refined, honed and made perfect before you set it loose on the purchasing public.

So when you are building the window for your product to be showcased within, it deserves as much care, attention and expertise as your product. Your design should be modern, user experience focused, and reflect you and your business.

To be clear I don't mean Tate Modern style aesthetics. I mean it should have the most up to date functions and capabilities. If your personal aesthetic is cosy maximalist or layered hygge then go for that by all means.

Your product window should gleam, screaming come look at this amazing thing I can do!

It should be kept gleaming and relevant, with new content, new images, new products. It should be well cared for and all is parts kept well oiled and functional.

Your product has had the best in its development, now give it the best showcase, the best window to the world and hire yourself a professional developer to create it.

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