night sky with laptop to the forefront

Head in the Clouds & Shooting for the Moon!

At some point in your self-employed life you will find yourself filled to the brim with ideas about just how your business is going to be the one.

The one that:

And why not! Business is built on dreams, we all have them, a few of you are prepared to reach out and grab them making them real.

Business is also built on expertise. When I was sat trying to figure out what to do with the rest of my working life, I had a list of options a mile long: baker (I trained in my 20’s), seamstress (I love to sew), author (I have a few books in me), developer (I love to design and build), lottery winner… well we can all hope.

I decided on developer, I truly love what I do and I’m pretty damned good at it if I do say so myself.

The joy of my work gets to be in taking my clients ideas and pulling them together into something beautiful and functional. I am yet to meet a client who wasn’t overflowing with ideas, potential content, and expertise in their field.

I am also yet to meet a client who could put together a website that reflected this. Don’t get me wrong there have been some good sites in this list, some nicely put together pictures and well worded articles, but nothing that truly reflected their awesomeness!

And that’s where your developer comes in. We take your ideas, your content, and your awesomeness and in our lines of code we make them shine. Spacing, colour matching, correct grouping, and a proper site map. A little SEO expertise and a plan to go forward with keeping your site relevant and visited.

So what will you need before you speak with your developer:

Picking your developer.

So you have all of these things ready and waiting to go, so how do you pick your developer?

Well I can only give the perspective of my customers who are a mix of recommendations from other clients and those I’ve met through networking. They have sought out a personal connection, someone they feel comfortable talking to, that they have a little in common with and then in those conversations have left feeling that they trust me with their vision.

As a small business myself I give a very personal experience with access to me directly as the client needs. Yesterday I spent a number of hours chatting with a couple of clients as I worked about their planned content and how to break through mental blocks to writing, which the personal touch allows as I know them!

As I scale it is my absolute intention to maintain this, which I will do with an awesome team of VA’s and coders at my side, I don’t work with anyone who can’t do what I can in the respect of the task I am passing over. My VA Viv is as personable and professional as I am and I have turned away a number of potential developers because they can’t see beyond the code to the customer.

Pick based on your gut, oh and check their portfolio out too, there's no point in any of it if their work just doesn’t appeal!