Hi there,

My name is Diane Harte and I'd like to tell you a little about me

Diane - red hair, black framed glasses

I am based in Birmingham, UK, and I run 2 creative businesses and 1 support business from my home office.

My businesses all harness a different strength that I have built throughout my life both in a professional and personal sense.

I have an extensive and wide-ranging CV, from healthcare through to IT support and software development, I'll take you through my CV a little later.

I moved to the Midlands back in 2018 having spent my earlier years in West Yorkshire and the North-East (yes my accent is truly baffling!), and I am loving being here in England's second city.

My businesses were born in the 2020 lockdowns as we weathered the very worst of COVID 19, there's only so much TV anyone can watch after all.

Today I am happy to say that they are through the birthing process and are now growing into unruly toddlers.

So let's introduce them...

With Harte Web Design

In 2009 I became heavily involved in systems design for the financial institute I was working for, this involved process mapping and a whole lot of learning about how our legacy systems worked.

Over the following 2 years I moved on to manage the team that designed all the workflows, and then tested the developers work, before supervising user acceptance testing and training.

Testing these programmes meant that I had to crack out my long forgotten visual basic skills, well that or the calculator and faced with hundreds of test cases that just didn't appeal!

This would ignite the passion to learn more about coding, and lead me to study HTML, CSS, Javascript, Java, Python, Ruby, C+, PHP and SQL. There will be many more though, I'm sure.

In 2020 I completed a refresher course or two and then decided to set up on my own as a developer, starting up by building sites for friends and family, before moving at the start of 2021 to offer to the general public.

I now offer a number of packages and options to my clients. I cover bespoke builds, CMS (WordPress, Shopify, etc) builds, and CRM research and set up. I also offer support packages, including the ability to buy a chunk of time to pick my brain or send me a broken site to fix.

If you would benefit from a devoted and passionate web designer and developer then head over to With Harte to see what I can do for you.


Harte Administration Virtual Assistants

My career between 2000 and 2009 was in administration, I worked in call centres, as a personal assistant, in pensions administration and in my down time after having my youngest child in 2014 I ran the administrative arm of a local CIC.

As such I have a number of essential administrative skills that are a benefit to any busy office setting.

I run HAVA as a secondary business, offering a number of technical solutions that overlap with the web design business, such as coding support, CMS management, but also offering packages such as note taking, research and transcription.

Through HAVA I also showcase some of my amazing fellow VA's in my associate of the month section, allowing them to advertise on my site and take on any tasks that I either can't undertake or haven't the time to do.

My third business has also allowed me to branch out a little with HAVA and offer publishing support services (you'll see why in a moment) whereby we offer proofreading, preparation to publish, editing and post publication support.

If your business would benefit from my knowledge and passion in the administrative arena, or you would like to become my next associate of the month, head over to HAVA for more information.


Tiger Books

I am the mother to 2 sons with special educational needs. My eldest is now an adult, and just about to finish his formal education.

My youngest is 11 years younger and right at the beginning of his school life.

We had some battles with the education system for my older boy, who struggled with dyslexia for many years, eventually moving him out of traditional academia into a 'trade school' where he has trained to be an electrician. The ideal fit for a methodical, mathematically gifted young man!

Which helped us to prepare a little for the world of SEN that my youngest autistic boy would be immersed in.

After finding an amazing nursery, we were unwilling to throw our son into mainstream education, where we were positive all the joy of learning would be drained as he struggled with the social aspects of a busy classroom.

We were incredibly lucky to find the perfect specialist placement for him, only two months into our home-school journey.

Two years in, with global pandemics, lockdowns and isolation periods aside, he's loving being at school and comes home with stories about his day, his school mates and his teachers.

Jamie the Tiger was born from this.

Jamie's stories are social tales all about fear and anxiety, leading to the discovery of just how much you can enjoy life after the changes you fear are accepted.

The first story takes us through Jamie's experience of moving from mainstream school into a specialist school.

The second introduces Rory the Lion, a refugee cub who starts school with Jamie, it goes through Rory's home and having to leave, Jamie's fear and anxiety over meeting this new cub, and then the friendship that develops between the two.

The books are available at JamieTheTiger.com

The C.V.

I'm going to do this a little more informally than you would see on an actual CV, hope you enjoy it!


Secondary school first - the usual G.C.S.E's - 9 at grade's B and C, French, Maths and English being the best, the rest all C's.

College - 2 A-levels, English Lit and Psychology.

University - Leeds, an awesome place but I discovered in my second year that Nursing just wasn't for me.

Adult Learning - I may have a minor addiction to learning new things:

  • HEFC Law,
  • Baking NVQ,
  • Retirement Provisioning Certificate,
  • Various Microsoft Office certificates, inc. Excel and Access,
  • City and Guilds Communication
  • Lean Six Sigma Green Belt,
  • ILM Leadership and Management,
  • Sotware Development Internship,
  • Comptia CSIS Level 3 BTEC,
  • Digital Marketing and Coding, and
  • Currently, I'm studying a level 3 in criminolgoy and profiling


I started off with the standard student weekend job in a supermarket that no longer exists, then as a temp with a nursing agency, before moving into an admin role.

To start with I worked as a temp for various offices including the Department of Trade and Industry, before taking a permanent role with Orange as a Customer Retentions Clerk.

As this was an evening role, I also worked as a Personal Assistant to the Secretary of our local YMCA during the day.

After a few years I moved to a Pensions Administration role with Capita Hartshead, where I worked on implementing the channges made to the industry by the groundbreaking 2004 Pensions Act.

Deciding that I'd like a change, I spent a year as a Sales Manager for Virgin Mobile (via one of their 3rd party call centres), looking after between 13 and 90 team members (I was shift manager at the weekends).

After a round of redundancies I decided to return to the more stable world of Pensions, securing the role of Deputy Call Centre Manager at RPMI.

In my 6 years with RPMI, I moved rapidly through the ranks, managing the special projects team, then the Implementations Team, before moving into Quality Assurance. In 2015 I took the offer of redundancy to focus on my new baby.

In 2016, I became the Director of a Community Interest Company providing Family Support Services and stayed with them until I moved to the Midlands in 2018, returning later to wind the company up for the remaining team.

Finally I set up my new companies described above in 2021.

Things I'm really proud of...

Those things I acheived in my working life that really made me happy.

  • 2004 Pensions Act -
    I developed the training for the call centre I worked with to allow the administrators to successfully and clearly answer any questions relating to the changes to the scheme.
  • I also rebuilt and regenerated the knowledge base for the team at this time.
  • 2008 Pensions Act -
    I redesigned a number of system and desk based processes to allow them to adhere to the new regulations.
  • I also povided full training to the frontline staff on the changes being made.
  • Auto-enrolement - I worked with our many employer sections to develop individual processes to ensure that they were adhering to new auto enrolment rules.
    This project coincided with wide ranging scheme changes relating to scheme valuations, including the change of scheme rules, the introduction of new benefits structures, communicating these to members and then adjusting on going member communications to ensure that they reflected the new scheme structures.
  • Setting up a community scheme where food that was destined for landfills was recovered and used to provide christmas meals to the community.

There is so much more, but this is already getting a little long, so I'll wrap up with saying that I get a daily sense of joy from being able to connect with colleagues who are struggling with an aspect of their online presence and help them.

Hobbies and Interests

I'm and avid reader, and as you have already read I'm more than a little obsessed with adult education!